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AMA Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Races and Swap Meet July 2012

Camp site all set - next to the corn field. Dave's cooking... acceptable. 1000's of people and bikes - more bikes than pedestrians, (like us) We think our wives would be okay if we came home with one of these
Very collectable Indian Motorcycle Indian Motorcycles were the main competitor to Harley Davidson up until 1953 The Ariel is from the UK, coincidentally made by the company that invented the "Rover" Safety Bike, (no connection to the Rover Company)
Nortons, Triumphs, and other shiny bikes
Sidecars, more sidecars, and "is it a bike or a plane?"

We think this ran on wood...

(just kidding)

and this runs on batteries.

Dave was disappointed that it doesn't come with a cigarette lighter

Everyman's dream...

Fire Fighting Harley

3 Brothers 2012 visit to the

Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Races and Swap Meet

Although we only saw one other Land Rover Discovery, we did spot a Mid-1960's International Harvester Pick-up and very rare International Travelall.


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