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The New Location. Our Big Warehouse in Paris, Ontario.

2016 Updates Below.


 Yep... in the middle of November we took the big plunge and bought this old building to move the parts and restoration business into. We thought it was a great idea to buy the building "as is", with all contents and equipment included. Wahoo! Look at all the stuff! But, now that we've spent a number of weeks working on building renovations, it has occurred to us that buying someone elses junk means we pay to get rid of it. Dough!
Oh... did we mention that it's about 20,000 square feet? That's a whole lot a stuff!
One of the scariest rooms that nearly had us running away from the purchase of the building, was the "Epoxy Room". At first sight, we thought "Environmental Disaster! Run!" Later we found out that it was safe and just needed to be properly disposed of.
Still... rather spooky.
The biggest expense was getting the leaking gravel and tar roof replaced.
We consider this a
"Top Down Restoration" project,
rather than what we normally do which is "Frame Up Restoration" projects.  
We also had some of the Jungle Bushes and over-grown trees removed from the front and rear of the building! A Special "Thank You" to Darcy at High Angle Tree Care!
Notice that Jeep thing to the left? We're not going to mention who drives that... unfortunately, it is one of the 3 Brothers; (the stubborn one!). Alright, it's a diesel, but it's still not a Land Rover! Just sayin...
We've already enjoyed being able to bring a whole shipment of parts directly into the building. Notice that there's no one around? Seems to happen every time some work needs to get done!  And our recent purchase of a 1955 Series 1 86" proved that having a large warehouse allows us to hide the new acquisitions from our respective wives.
All 3 brothers are presently under the spousal rule "If you bring another one home, then two have to go!"
With a bit of clean-up, one office space has been organized for...
Well, Peter is the oldest, and he did pull the carpets out!
We'll get to work on a couple of more offices soon... real soon.
It's great seeing all the cars from the work crew parked in front.
If it weren't for family and friends, we'd have no "work crew" at all!
Thank you Erik, Reinier, Jim and Janice!
Of course, having family and friends as the warehouse work crew, simply ends up with a few slackers sleeping on the job.
  Actually, this is Dave showing he can lay on a bed of nails in the epoxy room.
Wow, he's magic...
The real work inside the building has been cleaning out industrial product and equipment. It is rather interesting what you can find in an old warehouse; things like tools, (most of them broken), and fasteners, and shelving... Still looking for that suitcase full of money left behind 50 years ago.
Erik re-configured the steel shelving for us.
He's using the latest "Laser Light-Saber Shelving Installation Tool" to install the top shelf. Welding goggles are apparently optional.
Reinier re-built a bunch of wood shelving for us. Superbly supported so that no Brother will end up under a collapsed shelving unit.
The end walls will also hold labels of what parts are on which shelves. Reinier said something about "You can't remember where cr-p is, so this should help".
Thanks Reinier... I think.   
So things are starting to pull together. Just waiting for Peter to get his tail in gear and start moving the small parts from his barn onto the shelves!
Next week we'll get started on the big shelf units, once we get the old Clarke Fork Lift working... but that's a whole other adventure.
2016 Updates

 Here is Dave, getting a good burn on the back of his legs, starting the monumental task of painting the front of the building. We didn't want to tell him that we had plans to put a garage door back in behind those flat concrete blocks. 
Erik Working on the new Office Space
A new office space was built over the Winter in what we now call "Unit C". Peter's son-in-law Erik put down a new sub-floor, walls, ceiling, and doors. He looks happy here, because it's before haviing to do the ceiling.   

Erik and Howard in the new office space... bragging about the great job they did on the flooring. Nobody understood what the two of them were saying. We suspect the floor glue got to them.  
Rich playing with the fork lift
Even though we have nearly 20,000 sq ft of space, we seem to spend a lot of time moving things from one spot to another. Here Rich is storing a new furnace/air condiioner for one of our future reno projects.  Rich likes the fork lift.... that's why the furnace has been moved 4 or 5 times already.
Eric working on the big ceiling
Eric, ("Eric" with a "c"), had the enviable job of removing the old ceiling and insulation in Unit A which is about 5,000 sq ft. He then put all new Roxul and double-bubble reflective insulation up before the new electrical and heating went in. In the photo Eric is thinking "One row all done, only 4,687 sq ft to go!"  
Unit A nearly completed
Remember that panaramic photo up at the top of this page, (the warehouse full of junk)? Well, this is the space nearly completed. Special thanks to Jim, Erik, Howard, Eric, Mark, and the fellows from Gra-Vil Electrical, Rob Beer Heating, Green Window Works and our local Home Hardware. 
The Big Dust Collector
We had a fair bit of large machinery that we moved out of the building over the past year. The Dust Collection system was one of those "What do we do with that big thing?" dilemma.
Dust Collector
But, it was sold, and the company came in with a crane to move it out. This is where they discovered that they would have to remove the top half before lifting it. Oops... project over-run! 
Dust Collector Smoking
A welding crew had to be brought in to cut the top off the Dust Collector. Torches and saw dust tend to cause smoke. And where there's smoke and wind... What you can't see here is Peter running around the flat roof, stamping out blowing and burning clumps of insulation and saw dust. 
Dust Collector Top
Howard on top of the top. The little chimney thing had to come off since it made the load too tall for power lines. The use of the "invisible" safety tether can be seen clearly here.  
Dust Collector Moved
It took two cranes to move the Dust Collector to the flat bed truck.
Guess who had to clean-up the mess left behind?
Thanks Howard! Thanks Eric! 
Dust Collector Down
Scary Moment!
Putting the Dust Collector on it's side took some fancy work between the two cranes. That's Howard down there, ready to catch it in case it fell.  
 3 Brothers Building
Well, after more than a year of fixing, replacing, repairing and painting, the front of the building is starting to look a little better. 
3 Brothers building Big roll-up garage doors have recently been added to the front. The old original swing-out doors were still in place but welded shut and walled over on the inside.   3 Brothers building
The really big door on the right was actually blocked in with concrete blocks with two windows and a man-door. Luckily the original steel frame was still there.   
We'll keep you updated with our Warehouse Adventure right here! 

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December 2014 - May 2016

New Old Warehouse Renovations and Move-In


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