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Life. It's more than a day at the office or on the shop floor, followed by an evening in front of the TV. It's what you do after work; and sometimes, if you are really lucky, it's the work that you do. So What's Your Next Adventure?.              

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What's Your Next Adventure?                       

Land Rover Series Trucks: What we do

3 Brothers Classic Rovers

Driving an old Land Rover; there's something about the feel of the ride and the sound of the engine. That's what attracted us to the first couple of thirty or forty year old trucks. It was David Baker that introduced brothers Peter and Richard to the interest in restoring Land Rover Series Trucks. So it began with many expeditions searching for and bringing the old trucks to their new home. Follow some of our adventures on our Facebook site where you will find videos and photos of our various trucks that we are working on.

Who we are

Yes, we are 3 brothers; Peter, Richard and David Baker. We were born, raised and all still reside in Ontario, Canada. 

From left to right in the photo;

Dave is the explorer and technical whiz.

Rich is the hunter and adventurer.

Peter is the gatherer and researcher.


We Love our Land Rovers, we Live for Adventure, we are Family, and these are the ties that bind.

How to Contact Us:


3 Brothers Classic Rovers

17 Gold Street

Paris, ON  N3L 3S3


Tel: 519-302-3227

Please Note:

3 Brothers, 3 shops and a warehouse.

Our business address is in Paris, Ontario, (the warehouse shop). This is where all parts sales happen. We recommend calling and setting an appointment prior to picking up parts or just dropping by for a coffee.





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3 Brothers - Contact Us

Tel: 519-302-3227

Email: Sales@3BrothersClassicRovers.com


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3 Brothers Saving Rover Driver


Bob McCracken is an old friend and is considered the "4th Brother". Bob has volunteered to be a driver, (including the use of his Dodge RAM truck), on most of our Saving Rover Expeditions.

Bob owns and runs

Mitchell Generator and Starter


For all of our starter and generator requirements, we rely on Bob and his staff.




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