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What's Your Next Adventure?                       
Our Adventures :

Land Rover Series Trucks: What we do

Driving an old Land Rover; there's something about the feel of the ride and the sound of the engine. That's what attracted us to the first couple of thirty or forty year old trucks. It was David Baker that introduced brothers Peter and Richard to the interest in restoring Land Rover Series Trucks. So it began with many expeditions searching for and bringing the old trucks to their new home. Follow some of our adventures on our Facebook site where you will find videos and photos of our various trucks that we are working on.

A Rustic Rover Resting in the Woods!

Just before the snow started to fly here in south-western Ontario, Rich and Peter took a drive up to the Goderich area to check out a Series Pick-up that was abandoned in the woods for well over twenty-five years. Our real reason for going there  was to pick-up a trailer that was made from the rear tub of a 109. The owner mentioned that the truck itself was still out in the bush, right where it had been left after the tub and rear-axle were pulled off to make the trailer.

Well, we just had to go check out...

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Barn Finds Do Still Happen!

Finding Red Rover...

A special thank you goes out to Adam who sent us a quick email pointing out the ad for a 1957 Series 1 107" Pick-Up for sale. Within a few hours, the truck was purchased, (sight unseen... never did that before!), over the phone.
From the photos... well, we all know most Land Rovers all look good in the photos. So two nights later, trailer behind the Discovery, we headed North for a few hours to the Collingwood area. And up the country farm lane past the large turn of the century farmhouse, to the barn with it's large barn doors swung wide open.  We walked in, and yep! Barn Find! Stored for years, undercover, just waiting for us. The young fellow that owned it helped fill a tire with air, and to our surprise, we rolled it out of the barn and up to the trailer. 

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Largest Series 1 Collection in Canada?

It was another weekend drive North to find a fellow Series Land Rover restorer that was rumoured to have fifteen trucks. It's amazing how we hear about other Landy restorers and potential locations of trucks stored in someone's barn or in the back corner of a field off the beaten path. This particular weekend's venture was based on a lead given to Bob, (3 Brother's driver), from a friend of his cousin.

A fifteen minute drive outside of...

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The Search for Sunken Rovers - Update

What we were hoping to find...

Over the past few years we have had a significant number of calls and emails regarding our search for some Land Rover Series trucks at the bottom of a lake in Northern Ontario. Although we came away with some great under-water video footage and photos, and some history on the mining town; we did not find what we were looking for, which would have looked similar to the photo above right. But, with the help of many customers, we now have some additional information, leads and clues that we are going to follow-up on someday. We've even heard of similar situations in Northern Saskatchewan... so the Adventure will continue!  

The Original Story

It all started with a rumour that we heard a few years ago from a friend who heard this story from an elderly fellow in a seniors home. In the late 1950's, in a Northern Ontario Mining town, a dozen Land Rovers were apparently pushed off a pier into one of the local lakes by upset mine workers.

Naturally, we just had to go look for them! So we planned our adventure for the middle of September, even though we knew that driving north for over seven hours, all based on a single source rumour was rather silly. But, two weeks before leaving, we heard the story from a truck driver out of Quebec. He was there, in 1958. That was all the proof that we needed!

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Sault Saint Marie - Our first trucks.

Two days and one night were needed to acquire Blueberry and Bugeye. It was a long and interesting drive North, but well worth the trip. We had some problems fitting the two on the tri-axle car trailer, nothing that a zip-cut couldn't fix though. Blueberry is a cute example of the mid-sixties utility pick-up truck from Land Rover, and Bugeye, as her name indicates, is the somewhat rare model with the headlights moved from the center grill to the outer wings, (quarter-panels). In 1969, North American standards required that the headlights be moved, which Land Rover accommodated in a rather temporary add-on fashion which made the headlights appear to be popping out from the wings. This prompted the nick-name of Bug Eye models. Later, the headlights were added to the front wings with an embedded insert, correcting the odd look. 

Echo Bay - For more trucks.

While we were in Sault Saint Marie, we were told about some other Land Rover trucks that might be for sale in the little town of Echo Bay, (just south of SSM). So of course, we had to go check them out as we headed back. Didn't take long for us to negotiate and return North for three great restoration project trucks. Finding the extremely rare 1956 Series 1 107" 5-Door Station Wagon was all we needed to justify the long drive; as a bonus, we also obtained a Series 1 pick-up and another Series 2A pick-up.

Cochrane - Bring Izzy home.

We found Izzy near Cochrane Ontario and picked her up at the end of October. We stayed overnight at a friend's and were rather surprised to see snow first thing in the morning. Guess that's why it's called "the Great White North".




We Love our Land Rovers, we Live for Adventure, we are Family, and these are the ties that bind.



Our Very Rare 1956 Land Rover Series 1 5-Door Station Wagon, before restoration efforts.



Customer Adventures!


Paul's Daily Drive always gets a Work-Out!

Living on "The Rock" requires a hard working, driven daily Land Rover. Pauls 1962 Series 2a 88" Pick-Up is just that. It's his daily ride between Flatrock and St John's Newfoundland, it pulls it's own weight in what's good for the garden, and pushes tons of snow!

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Jake's '56 Series 1 is a Runner,

(or is it a Run-Away?).

Jake, in BC, recently purchased a 1956 Series 1 86". The 2.0L engine ran but the oddly fitted Fiat carburetor caused it to stall on rev increase. So a new Weber 34 carburetor was installed and the engine came to life! For that matter, Jake drove the truck around his property which had to be fun and a little scary, considering the truck has no brakes!

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Mike's Restoration of a 1960 Series 2 88" SWB LHD Truck.

If  you are thinking of getting into a restoration project of your own, Mike, who hails from Kingston Ontario, has an excellent Blog Site demonstrating the work that needs to go into a complete frame-up restoration of a Series Land Rover.

Click the photo or here for Mike's Blog Site.


Barry and Karen's '61 Series 2

Restoration shows some Colour!

Barry and Karen Pountney from Nova Scotia took a little time away from their business over the past year to completely restore their 1961 88" with a few customizations and design changes. Barry started by welding up a complete new frame with a 2" body lift. Rebuilt the engine and made sure that the colour would stand out above all other engines. When selecting the body colour...

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Brian's Restoration of a 1974 Series 3 88" SWB LHD Truck.

Brian discovered that taking over a project that someone else started can prove to be challenging in the least. With quite a few boxes of parts and no instructions, Brian's experience in restoring British cars has been put to the test. Brian is getting close to putting his truck on the road in Sudbury.

Click the photo or here for Brian's Blog Site.


Andrew's Daily Drive is a 1980

Series 3 109" Soft-Top

Andrew is well known in the Kincardine Ontario area as he drives his 109 "militarized" Series 3 to many antique vehicle meets and the traditional A&W cruise night meets. This summer Andrew managed to pull off an engine swap, in the driveway, without an engine hoist,...

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Miguel is maintaining a very original 1955 Series 1 in Spain.

Miguel Angel Garcia Luque has a 1955 Series 1 86" that was built in January 1955, registered in October 1955 and it still retains the original license plate registered 100kms from the town where Miquel resides in Spain. Miguel contacted us for one of our original re-manufactured...

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