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Does your Bulkhead look like this?                                                       Or like this?







We can fix that for you.






Using your original Bulkhead has many advantages; most of all, the fit when re-assembling your restoration project. Plus, it lends itself to retaining some originality for your Series or Defender.

Not to mention...  it's more cost-effective than purchasing a new bulkhead!


Fully restored and epoxy-primed bulkhead.


What we do,

Depending on the condition, we may have to get the bulkhead Acid-Dipped in order for us to be able to work on it and clearly determine what areas need to be replaced or repaired. We cut out all seriously corroded pieces of the bulkhead.

Replace what is required, (standard pieces like door pillars, feet, footwells, upper corners), along with any custom-fabricated pieces if needed.

Either Epoxy Prime followed by Seam Sealing all weld joints preventing corrosion where it typically starts; or,

Send it out for galvanizing, (see our note on galvanizing below).




What does it cost?

This depends on what your Bulkhead will require, and if there is any need for custom-fabrication to bring it back to it's original form.

As a good example, if your bulkhead only requires replacement footwells;

the cost for a completely restored, sand-blasted, epoxy primed and sealed bulkhead would be around $2,600.

Bulkheads needing replacement footwells, center panel, door pillars and mounting feet, completely restored would be around $3,200.

Any custom fabrication, (like a replacement gearbox tunnel cowl), can add another $500 to $1000 to the restoration and would be specifically quoted prior to any work being started.

Shipping / transportation costs, if required, are of course extra.


A Note on Galvanizing your Bulkhead.

Yes, we can do it; but we would recommend against this. Most of us would like to see the bulkhead in the same colour to match the outside body and the inside the cabin. Painting over the galvanized finish not only requires special preparation, but defeats the purpose of the zinc coating itself. The corrosion protection that galvanizing gives is based on the zinc material electrochemically oxidizing which prevents the steel it is covering from oxidizing. Essentially, the zinc is a sacrificial coating. Ever notice the white powder that easily washes off an older galvanized finish? By painting over the galvanized finish, the zinc isn't allowed to oxidize, reducing it's protective behaviour.

Our recommended coating procedure is multiple coats of a two-part epoxy primer, seam sealer to seal all weld edges, and a few coats of final paint. The result is a bulkhead that will last for many, many years.



Send us an email, send us some photos of your bulkhead.



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