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1950 Series 1

1950 Series 1

1950 Series 1 Fire Tender

1950 Series 1 Fire Tender

A Very Rare Series 1 Fire Tender in Canada!

  This past summer I had the opportunity to visit the Maple Bay Volunteer Fire Department in Maple Bay, on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. My son-in-law Steve lives in the area and is one of their many volunteer fire fighters. Last year, when he started working with them, he sent me a photo of their 1950 Land Rover Series 1 80" Fire Tender. I was shocked to find out about it, and naturally, I made it a point to see this beautifully restored Series 1, along with visiting our daughter, son-in-law and four grand kids of course!

I was invited to the VFD's weekly meeting and had the pleasure of meeting the chief, (and the retired chief), many of the firefighters, and one of the fellows that helps to maintain the Series 1. The Land Rover was built on April 14th, 1950, and was used by the military to help protect the Jericho Beach Amphibious Air Station in Vancouver, BC. It was deemed surplus in 1951, and purchased by the Maple Bay VFD.

The Series 1 Fire Tender was in active service assisting in fighting fires until 1973 when the pumps were removed and it was converted to a personnel transport. It was officially retired in 1981, and roughly 10 years later it was fully restored over a period of 2 years. Since then, it enjoys the occassional outing, and is driven in local parades for all to see and enjoy.

All I can say is, it was a pleasure meeting all of the firefighters, sharing in their meeting, (which included dinner!), and getting to hear the stories and history surrounding this amazing early Land Rover.

Peter, 3 Brothers Classic Rovers.


1950 Series 1 Fire Tender 1950 Series 1 Fire Tender 1950 Series 1 Fire Tender

1950 Series 1 Fire Tender 1950 Series 1 Fire Tender
1950 Series 1 Fire Tender 1950 Series 1 Fire Tender

1951 Series 1 Land Rover 01

Bringing the Series 1 home

A Series 1 on Either Side of the Pond!

  Pierre is part of the 3 Brothers family so to speak. Retired, and busier than ever with charital organizations, politics, international interests, and helping us out with marketing on occasion. But his real interest is cars... specifically, an amazing collection of Citroens; and of course, Land Rovers. His second home is in Europe, where he has owned for a number of years, a 1952 Series 1 80" along with a more recent Defender 110 as his daily drive. Last year, Pierre asked if we could help him find a Land Rover that he could drive when in town. As coincidences go, a customer was looking to sell his 1951 80", so we simply connected the dots, helped him get it home, and now Pierre has two. Restored by Dunsfold in the UK, it is a great looking and running Series 1, with some provenance that we will disclose at a point in the future. (Our lips are sealed Pierre...). Pierre, and his '51, will be joining our vendor booth at the Oakville Ontario British Car Day in September, (Sunday the 18th, 2016). So come see a nice example of an early Series 1!


Under the bonnet of the Series 1 Inside the Series 1 1951 Series 1 dash

1951 Series 1 80 Land Rover Pierres Defender
3BCR at BCD 2015

Paul's Daily Drive always gets a Work-Out!

Paul's Series 2a at Work Paul's Series 2a in WinterLiving on "The Rock" requires a hard working, driven daily, Land Rover. Paul's 1962 Series 2a 88" Pick-Up is just that. It's his daily ride between Flatrock and St John's Newfoundland, it pulls it's own weight in what's good for the garden, and pushes tons of snow. And we all know that "The Rock" gets tons of snow!

Paul figures he's put a couple of hundred-thousand kilometres on the '62, and he's looking forward to the next few hundred-thousand. Now that's a work truck!


Ruby gets a Full Make-Over!

  John and son Jonah purchased "Ruby", a 1963 Series 2a 88", from us a couple of years ago, and within twelve months they completed a full chassis-up restoration... actually, it's more than a restoration, it's an amazing transformation! Starting with a new chassis, beautifully restored bulkhead, engine rebuild, and hours and hours of time spent detailing every component, the result is not only eye-catching, but an excellent first car for Jonah!

   When John and Jonah completed the project, John told us, "We didn't just restore a car, we built a Land Rover from the ground up!


Marley Hill Farm - Land Rovers are a daily part of life.

  Cat and Simon Laxton own Marley Hill Farm, a unique sheep dog training centre that uses Series Land Rovers on a daily basis. Originally from the UK, (and we mean Cat, Simon, and the Land Rovers), they have maintained a lifestyle that many of us simply dream of; they do what they love. Cat is an Agriculture Training Board Dog Trainer and Contract Shepherdess, training and breeding border collies to work with sheep herds. Her early Series 2a Land Rover is driven regularly as part of the job, and Simon keeps it well maintained... along with working on an early Series 3 for himself. Oh... and the photo below was taken right here in Ontario, Canada.



Click here for Marley Hill Farm's Web Site..


Mike's Restoration of a 1960 Series 2 88" SWB LHD Truck.

  If you are thinking of getting into a restoration project of your own, Mike, who hails from Kingston Ontario, has an excellent Blog Site demonstrating the work that needs to go into a complete frame-up restoration of a Series Land Rover. Mike has been great to work with over the past few years, and since he completed the restoration and now enjoys driving the 88" around the Kingston area; we might just send him another project to work on!



Click here for Mike's Blog Site..


Father and Son - Land Rover Restoration Tag Team.

  Gord and his son Adam have taken on the ultimate, full scale, chassis-up restoration of a 1963 Series 2a 88" truck. Adam decided long before getting his drivers license that his first vehicle should be a Land Rover; unique, all purpose, and long-lasting. He did his research, found a good running truck along with another one for parts and the project was on its way!

Gord has the right experience to undertake and assist in this type of project, having fully restored an Austin Healey 100 many years ago - and since I had the pleasure of having a ride in Gord's Big Healey, I would say that he did an amazing job.  Adam has become the the Series Land Rover web guru researcher, finding parts that will pull together the ultimate Series 2a 88" road machine, (with just a bit of off-roading capability - maybe).

The new galvanized chassis, restored bulkhead, and the cleaned-up and painted engine and gearbox are assembled and in place. Piece by piece the truck is coming together.

So the real question for Adam is... will a 1963 Land Rover be a chick-magnet?


Basil, at home in the Rockies.

  Basil is a 1969 Series 2a 88" that resides with his owners, Laddie and Anne, in beautiful Kaslo, BC. Having heard of, but not really knowing where Kaslo BC was, we googled it and discovered a photo of downtown Kaslo with Basil parked on the side of the street!

Laddie and Anne run the Silverspoon Cafe in Kaslo; in their off-time they explore the Rocky Mountains in the area, taking Basil on trails and roads that lead to some of the most spectacular views the area has to offer.

Basil is a very original Series 2a with a wonderfully aged patina and outfitted with a few options needed for roaming the Rockies.


If you happen to be in Kaslo BC, stop by the Silverspoon Cafe and ask if Basil is around.


Bought it new, driven daily and it still runs great!


Jon lives in California and sent us a photo of his 1960 Series 2 Pick-Up. We tend to ask customers if they drive the truck daily or simply on weekends. We were totally taken aback with his response - "The Series 2 is my daily ride; and has been since I bought it new in 1960."

It's one thing to be driving a 40 or 50 year old vehicle... but to be able to say that you've driven the same truck daily for 53 years is remarkable!

Jon, we salute you!


Barry's 1961 Series 2 88" is Bursting with Colour!

  Barry and Karen Pountney from Nova Scotia took a little time away from their business, (Baren Enterprises - Antique Automotive Interior Restorations), over the past year to completely restore their 1961 88" with a few customizations and design changes. Barry started by welding up a complete new frame with a 2" body lift. Rebuilt the engine and made sure that the colour would stand out above all other engines. When selecting the body colour, they wanted something that would make the truck stand out in a crowd; even a crowd of Land Rovers!

They finished their restoration in August, just in time to enter it in a local parade; and they took first place for the Most Unique Antique Vehicle in the Parade! In the Fall they took "Warthog", (neat name!), out to the Atlantic Nationals and they are planning quite a few other trips around the country.





Brian's Restoration of a 1974 Series 3 88" SWB LHD Truck.

Brian discovered that taking over a project that someone else started can prove to be challenging in the least. With quite a few boxes of parts and no instructions, Brian's experience in restoring British cars was put to the test. Actually, Brian put us to the test helping him try to identify parts, and where the parts should be installed, and what parts were missing. But, he managed to pull it all together, putting his truck on the road in Sudbury, and we can't wait to see it! (That means another 3 Brothers trip up North!).


Click here for Brian's Blog Site.

Pete's daily drive - Now this is what it's all about!


Pete in BC recently took his 1966 Series 2a 109 Pick-up on a 1200km drive when moving to a different part of the province. There were some alternator issues that slowed the trip down a bit, but that was just part of the adventure!

Having a 47 year old vehicle as your daily drive can present some challenges; but as we see it, this is what it's all about!

Grant's 1957 Series 1 has some cool and original options.

  This Fall, Grant from the Ottawa, Ontario area, was looking for a Winter project. Having previously owned a Series 2, a Series 2a and a Series 3, he wasn't too sure about getting a Series 1. But when the 1957 Series 1 88" was found near to home, the more he looked at it, the more he liked it. Plus, his wife gave him permission to "just go buy it". So before she could change her mind, he did.

The previous owner had the truck for 25 years, keeping it well maintained and off the salty winter roads since 1979. It is complete with both the soft and hard tops, and a couple of original and functional options that really make the truck a gem! Take a close look at the photos to the left and the right, a Capstan Winch on the front and a PTO on the rear. Now here is some history that really adds to vehicle's provenance; the previous owner used the truck's PTO to power a manure spreader! That is an excellent example of what early Land Rovers were designed for - an all purpose farm utility vehicle.

Grant will be restoring the '57 over this Winter and should have it on the road this coming Spring or early Summer. By then, Grant might be on the market for a good used manure spreader...


Jake's 1956 Series 1, a Prize Winner, just as it is.

Jake from BC, recently brought his 1956 Series 1 86" to a local Rover Club meeting, and being the only Series 1 at the meet, his truck won First Prize in the Series 1 category!

When Jake purchased the truck, the 2.0L engine ran but the oddly fitted Fiat carburetor caused it to stall on rev increase. So a new Weber 34 carburetor was installed and the engine came to life! For that matter, Jake drove the truck around his property which had to be fun and a little scary, considering it had no brakes! Brakes were replaced along with some other mechanical requirements to get the truck road-worthy and certified. The body has been left as original, showing it's true character, history and great patina.

One unique aspect of Jake's Series 1 is the presence of possibly the original owner's name on the door's of the truck. "Canada. Department of Fisheries".

So are those deep-sea fishing outriggers you have on the truck?


Andrew's Daily Drive is a 1980 Series 3 109" Soft-Top

Andrew is well known in the Kincardine Ontario area as he drives his 109 "militarized" Series 3 to many antique vehicle meets and the traditional A&W cruise night meets. This summer Andrew managed to pull off an engine swap, in the driveway, without an engine hoist, (well, a friend helped him put together an ingenious rig to get the job done), and without spilling a bit of oil on the driveway! Okay, maybe there were a couple of little oil spots.



Andrew's truck is a real eye-catcher, not only from a distance, but also up close. He has "outfitted" both the outside and inside of his truck with as much military gear as he can find. "It's amazing seeing both grown-ups and kids stare in awe when they come up to the truck in the grocery store parking lot."



Miguel is maintaining a very original 1955 Series 1 in Spain.

Miguel Angel Garcia Luque has a 1955 Series 1 86" that was built in January 1955, registered in October 1955 and it still retains the original license plate registered 100kms from the town where Miquel resides in Spain. Miguel contacted us for one of our original re-manufactured Lucas M418G Starters. He is very proud of maintaining the original engine and the entire truck as a high-originality daily driving truck.

All we can say is... "Nice work Miguel!"

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