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Blueberry Rebuild                       

Rebuilding from the Frame Up requires a complete tear-down.

We found Blueberry, a cute little 1964 Series 2A 88" Pick-Up with a 2.25 liter gas engine, in Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. Blueberry, (named after the blue light mounted on her roof when we found her), is presently under going a complete frame-up restoration. The frame was in remarkable condition; only requiring some new out-riggers, the rear cross-member and a new front bumper. At some point in Blueberry's history, the front bumper was replaced with a rather substantial chunk of 6" C-channel.

So after a quick inspection, just to make sure that she wouldn't pull apart or lose an axle as we moved her for the first time in possibly 10 years, we got her ready to winch up onto the trailer. Maybe it was beginners luck, but we were shocked to discover that once we took her out of gear, she rolled with barely any effort. We had no intentions of attempting to start Blueberry right there. The lower radiator hose was disconnected, and one sniff with the gas cap off told us that the gas wasn't much good anymore; old gas gets a very distinctive sweet smell and quite simply, doesn't burn very well.

Getting the old pick-up back to one of our shops wasn't a problem; beyond the long drive. It is always amazing how many people stop, stare, wave, or give us the thumbs-up as we drive by. Our many stops for coffees, (and many more stops because of too many coffees), usually results in folks walking around the trucks on the trailer, trying to determine what type of vehicle they are; and we always get asked what we are going to do with them. And no... these are not old army vehicles.

So Blueberry is tucked away in one of our shops in many pieces, each piece being restored or replaced.

Completion is expected late summer, early fall.

Here is a video of some of the work that has been undertaken.

Pulling the Motor

Coming Next... the Restored Chassis! Hey Rich, what's taking so long with the welding thing?

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