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Saving Rover :

Our Present Restoration Projects



Izzy is our 1954 Series 1 107" Pick-Up Land Rover with a 2.0 liter Gas engine. A previous owner had initiated a frame-up restoration and we are completing the job. Some re-wiring of the engine's electrics, a new starter, alternator and ignition coil was all that was needed to get the re-built engine to fire-up again. 

"Izzy", (yes, we name all the trucks we work on), is down to the frame for some clean-up work and new chassis paint. New Copper-Nickel brake lines and a Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit will be installed over the next few weeks, and we should have Izzy back on the road for this summer.

If you own a vintage Land Rover Series 1 truck in Canada or the USA, please send us an email. We would be interested in sharing our restoration experiences with you. Send an email to Rich@3BrothersClassicRovers.com



Grommit is a 1981 Series 3 109" 2-Door Land Rover with a 2.25 liter Diesel engine. A complete frame-up restoration project including a new Galvanized Chassis is well under-way.

Dave put his restoration of Grommit on hold for a few months, as he undertook the building of a much larger workshop. Recently, Grommit was introduced to her new space. She looks tiny in her new shop! Enough space to park 6 restoration projects. Good Work Dave! You are the envy of most Land Rover restoration shop owners.

Work has now been slowly progressing on Grommit; new wiring harness just completed, (wow... what a tangled mess of a job that was!), and Dave is now working on the rear tub and floor.




Blueberry, a cute little 1964 Series 2A 88" Pick-Up with a 2.25 liter Gas engine. Blueberry, (named after the blue light mounted on her roof when we found her), will be under going a frame-up restoration; once we get Rich to finish fixing up the frame. He's been busy lately... playing with his Series 1 pick-up, Izzy.

Click Here for More details on Blueberry! 


Snow Goose and Sandman

This is how we found the Snow Goose, (a 1963 Series 2A 5-Door Station Wagon), in the wild, grazing at the far end of a field with a few other wild rovers. Her chassis has suffered severe rust damage sitting in the field for so many years; and her engine has been cannibalized; but the body panels and interior are in restorable condition.

Sandman looks pretty rough, but she is a work in progress. The chassis, engine and gearbox have been completely rebuilt. The body panels are rough, and much of the interior is missing.

So the two trucks will become one... Snow Goose will supply the needed body panels and Sandman will pull together over the next year; (that is if Peter takes some time to get to work on it).



BugEye is a 1969, (registered as a 1970), Series 2A 3-door Station Wagon with a very unique feature; her headlights stick out. This is the somewhat rare model with the headlights moved from the center grill to the outer wings, (quarter-panels). In 1969, North American standards required that the headlights be moved, which Land Rover accommodated in a rather temporary add-on fashion, making the headlights appear to be popping out from the wings. This prompted the nick-name of Bug Eye models. In later models, the headlights were added to the front wings with an embedded insert, correcting the odd look.

So we "Stole" BugEye just because the previous owner wanted us to, (see photo on the right). BugEye is in storage while we get through a few other projects that we have on the go.



Our 1967 109" NADA 5-Door Station Wagon was purchased by the previous owner in 1973 and ran for many, many years in the Ottawa area. The family of the previous owner, (who sadly passed away last year), had many memories of travelling and camping with the use of their Dad's Land Rover. In memory, we have named this truck "TimberJack-Teddy" using a combination of a couple of the previous owner's nick-names. For the complete story on finding this wonderful truck, see our "Brothers Blog" section.

TimberJack-Teddy was sitting for a number of years and has extensive frame damage, but she is relatively complete. A new galvanized frame is in stock, but we have a few other projects to complete before we start on this full restoration.  



We Love our Land Rovers, we Live for Adventure, we are Family, and these are the ties that bind.



Our Very Rare 1956 Land Rover Series 1 5-Door Station Wagon, before restoration efforts.


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We do Bulkhead Restorations!

It's pretty darn handy when one brother has years of experience as a  welder/fabricator, the other has years of experience in paint and metal preservation, and the third brother... well, he does this web stuff.

A customer's need for a complete restoration of his Series 2 bulkhead prompted the start of something that we can now offer to all. Full Bulkhead restorations. Depending on what you need, we can restore your original bulkhead for less than the cost of a replacement! And we ocassionally do chassis restorations!

To find out more - click here!


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Bringing Izzy home.

We found Izzy near Cochrane Ontario and picked her up at the end of October. We stayed overnight at a friend's and were rather surprised to see snow first thing in the morning. Guess that's why it's called "the Great White North".





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