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1956 Series 1 Land Rover 

Finding that Jewel in the pile of Junk.

Not all Land Rover projects start out with pristine body panels waiting for a new coat of paint; some need a little more work. This 1956 Series 1 109" Pick-Up will need a fair bit of replacement parts, fabrication and welding to bring it back. We're up for the challenge! Click here to see the '56 loaded on the trailer ready to be brought back to the shop.

Rover In My Rear View

In Praise of the Perplexing P38.

Or Not...


It was one of those moments where I hoped no one was watching. I had never been locked inside my own car. How stupid would that be? Attempts at pulling the lock latch up proved to be futile. I would pull it up, and it automatically slammed down. I tried to pull the door open at the same time as pulling up on the lock, but the lock slammed down faster than I could catch the handle. I sat for a few moments, thinking "How did I end up in this little pickle?", and wondering how this might look to the neighbours across the street. I could hear the comments being made as they looked thorugh their windows, "What's he doing now? Odd fellow. Spends a lot of time fooling around in that Range Rover of his."

Range Rover P38I owned the '99 Range Rover for about 3 months at this point; bought as a daily drive replacement for my younger, but higher mileage and trouble-some 2004 Discovery. Even though it was 5 years older, the Range Rover had less than 190,000 Kms, (about 119,000 miles), which meant it had a few more years to give. And it looks good, runs well, and the ride is unmistakably air suspension. It was the air suspension that initially exposed some irritating issues. On the night that the previous owner delivered the car to the shop, (which I really appreciated), it arrived sitting rather crooked, somewhat looking like a dog rubbing its' behind on the living room carpet. He apologized, but was prepared with an included dongle and software to clear the occasional air suspension fault code. Sounded good to me... Until the first re-occurance of an air suspension fault, half-way home, when the lights started flashing on the dash, and the system decided that it might be safer to drop the entire suspension down to the bump stops, leaving me bouncing the rest of the way home in what certainly looked like a chopped down SUV. Although the warning on the dash states "Do Not Exceed 50Kph", I pushed it to 80, just to avoid any further attention from the surrounding traffic; pride trumped safety for those last few miles.

The following morning I plugged in the dongle, ran the software, and cleared the code. This has become a ritual that re-occurs every two to three weeks, when something goes "Twang" somewhere in the many miles of wiring or computer controlled, (oxymoron), sensors, gidgits and gadgets. After replacing all air spring bags, rebuilding the air valve block twice, and still having problems, a standard spring conversion kit is on the shopping list.

There was also the "SRS" (Safety Restraint System), error that came up within the maiden "Show off the latest investment to my wife" voyage. Being on a major highway, I thought I would try the cruise control. Turned it on, set the speed, and the warning beeps blared out accompanied by a dash message about the other kind of air bags. Needless to say, my wife wasn't feeling the 'safety' and 'security' that one would expect from a Range Rover. My explaining that "I always carry a knife, just in case the air bags inexplicably explode!", didn't appear to reassure her. Two weeks later, the error mesaage on the dash disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared; only to show up again a month later. I now live with the "SRS" bleep when the car is started.

So here I was, locked inside of the Range Rover. It started with an ice storm freezing up the door, and me hitting "unlock" on the key fob while yanking on the door handle. Repeating this a few times, I managed to get the door open just a crack, stuffed my keys in my pocket and gave it one final hard pull. I suspect there was a simultaneous "pocket lock", because there was a honk at the same time that the door swung open. Didn't matter to me, I was in! Popped the key in the ignition, and... nothing. Well, nothing but a "ding", "ding", "ding", and the oddest message on the dash - "Engine Disabled". Oh crap... that can't be good. Visions of a tow to a Land Rover dealership, a service tech asking "How did you do that?", and a sales manager suggesting "You might want to consider a later model", flashed through my mind. I pulled out the key and grabbed the door handle, to find that nothing happened. "Ahhh, that's what's going on, I locked the doors." So I pulled the lock up, only to see it snap back down. Right, I need to use the fob, so I pushed "Unlock" on the fob. I stared at it in disbelief. I hit "Unlock", it pops up, and then snaps back down. I could do this a dozen times... okay, I did this a dozen times, same result. I tried every combination of Lock, Unlock, key in the ignition, hold the lock button, step on the brake, put the shift into drive, then back into park. Nothing... I was locked in. I was going to be found in the morning, frozen, one hand on the door handle, the other gripping the key fob, thumb pressing "Unlock".Range Rover P38 

After 20 minutes of attempting everthing, (other than honking and screaming for help), I noticed that the rear side door lock moved a little slower than the front door when snapping back down. So I crawled into the rear seats, (not an easy thing with a winter coat on), and ran through my routine of button pushing, handle grabbing and swearing. On the third swear, the rear door popped open - and I was free! 20 minutes later, the door locks worked perfectly normal, the "Engine Disabled" message was gone, and everything seemed "normal" again. I would swear it was messing with me! Later I learned that this was all a result of it's "Super-Lock" capability. Hmmm... guess the engineers never considered that someone might be inside the car when it would "Super-Lock" itself up.

After a year of learning how to deal with qwuirky issues, embarrasing antics, and mysterious messages, I am now a Range Rover P38 daily driver that is looking forward to getting back into driving my Disco 2.



Customer Adventures and Links

See What Other's are up to in their Restoration Adventures!

Turning a rough looking old wreck found in a field into a head-turning Land Rover dream machine takes a lot of work and ingenuity. Barry and Karen did just that, and found themselves as the center of attention and prize winners.


Check Out the Customer Adventure Section!


Mike's Blog - A Restoration Guide!

If you are thinking of getting into a restoration project of your own, Mike, who hails from Kingston Ontario, has an excellent Blog Site demonstrating the work that needs to go into a complete frame-up restoration of a Series Land Rover. Mike recently took his beautifully restored 1960 Series 2 on it's first of many road trips!


Protect your Rover from the Elements!

Not only do you have to worry about dirt, snow, salt, gravel and branches; there all kinds of natural elements out there just waiting to take a bite out of your Rover!





Protect your Rover with Floor Mats, Mud Flaps and Steel Mesh Light Guards.    


And don't forget to give that engine a tune-up over the Winter! We have everything from Complete Service Kits, Ignition Wires, Rotors, Caps, Coils, Fan Belts, Sensors, Hose Kits and Gaskets.




We Specialize in Series 1 thru 3.

An Artistic Dedication to 3 Brothers

and one of their Classic finds

A few years ago, one of the 3 Brothers decided to try his hand at some "artistic" work, combining his welding skills with his recent foray into blacksmithing. Rich never imagined that it would turn into an immediate success. It did, and his time was suddenly in demand by galleries thoughout Canada.

Artistic sculptures made of stainless steel, antique square nails, copper wire, stone, and glass were flying off the shelves faster than his torch could heat up the next piece of metal. 

But Rich did take some time to create a special piece. As an anniversary gift, Peter's wife commissioned Rich to produce a sculpture commemorating one of the the 3 Brother's early adventures; the bringing home of a Classic 1956 Land Rover Series 1 107" Station Wagon.


That's Peter behind the wheel.

(Dave and Rich pulling)


For more photos of the Series 1 Sculpture, visit,

Richcraft Ironworks

Distinctive Sculptural Metalworks 

Bundled Sets of Series Parts Available On-Line

Check out the Complete Sets of Parts available under our "Rover Parts" section. There are common Series parts that we find everyone needs, and putting them in a bundled set Saves you Money!

Sets and Kits available are; Series 2/2a Set of Lights, Pedal Rubber Kits, Gear, Transfer and Brake Lever Grommet Set, Complete 2.25L Gas Engine Service Kits, Set of 4 Series Hub Caps, Hub Bearing and Oil Seal Kits, Brake Axle-Set Kits, Complete Series Exhaust Kits, and more! .

For Series 1-3 restoration, truck maintenance, replacement parts, or accessories, click on one of the photos and take a quick look at what we have under "Rover Parts".

We Specialize in Series 1 thru 3.

Who we are

Yes, we are 3 brothers; Peter, Richard and David Baker. We were born, raised and all still reside in Ontario, Canada. 

From left to right in the photo;

Dave is the explorer and technical whiz.

Rich is the hunter and adventurer.

Peter is the gatherer and researcher.



We Love our Land Rovers, we Live for Adventure, we are Family, and these are the ties that bind.



More Archive - News 

December, 2011
Replacement Chassis!

Are you looking for a new chassis or replacement bulkhead? We can help.

We occasionally have stock on Galvanized Chassis for Series 2, 2a's or 3's. We also resotre Bulkheads for Series 1 to 3's at a reasonable cost. (see note to the right).

Click Here for more Details!

October, 2011
We do Bulkhead and Chassis Restorations

It's pretty darn handy when one brother has years of experience as a  welder/fabricator, the other has years of experience in paint and metal preservation, and the third brother... well, he does this web stuff.

A customer's need for a complete restoration of his Series 2 bulkhead prompted the start of something that we now offer to all. Full Bulkhead restorations. Depending on what you need, we can restore your original bulkhead for far less than the cost of a replacement! And we do chassis restorations!

To find out more - click here!

September, 2011
British Car Day!

Peter and Dave had the opportunity to catch the British Car Day held in Oakville, Ontario on September 18th, 2011.

Amidst the thousands of beautiful Triumphs, Austins, Minis, Jaguars, and many more;  there were a dozen or so Land Rovers represented there. We will definitely be there next year as a vendor... selling something.

April, 2011
Automec Copper-Nickel Brake Line Kits - Never Rust !
Tired of replacing rusty steel brake lines? We were. So we contacted Automec in the UK and brought in a bunch of their Brake Line Kits that are sure to make Rusty Brake Lines a thing of the past!
See our Brakes and Brake Lines Section.


October, 2010
Industry First from Britpart!

For 30 years Britpart has been supplying quality parts and accessories for Land Rover users across the World and now they are proud to announce that from October 1st, 2010 all Britpart parts and accessories will be backed by an Industry leading 24 Month Guarantee.

Click on the Photo for details

August, 2010
Land Rover Series Truck Parts Available On-Line!
While we may not carry everything, we have brought in a few extra parts beyond what we need for our restoration projects. We have engine parts, gaskets, brake kits, exhausts, parabolic springs, shocks, lights, and more. 
July, 2010
 3 Brothers Classic Rovers

Authorized Dealer for

March, 2010
3 Brothers Classic Rovers on Facebook

3 Brothers with a "combined insanity" towards anything to do with Classic Land Rovers. Whether it's rebuilding, driving, or just staring at them over a good cigar.

Join Us! Share some photos of your daily drive, your latest project, or latest adventure!

October 2009
Finding a 1954 Series 1 Pick-Up

It required a drive up to Cochrane, Ontario, and it was well worth the long drive. A 1954 Series 1 LWB Pick-Up. You don't see these on the road too often any more.

Find more details on this beautiful old truck, and others that we are working on, under the "Saving Rover" page of this web site.  



November, 2019

Terrafirma Accessories!

Terrafirma Accessories for Defenders are In Stock, On-Line, ready to go.

Terrafirma Defender Accessories 

From Defender 90, 110, 130 Shock Kits to the complete line of Terrafirma Mammouth 3mm Black Chequer Plate protection. Can't find something you are interested in... just give us a call.

Archive - News

July, 2019

Roof Racks in Stock!

Just in time for those Summer Adventures!
Galvanized Roof Rack
For Series or Defender.
Galvanized Roof Rack Contour
Available for Series 88 or Defender 90's and Series 109 and Defender 110's. In Flat or Contour Shape.

May, 2019

Cool New Items!

Perfect for your Man Cave!
Good for Coffee, Tea or ...
Castrol Mug
And for the DIY Mechanic.
Castrol Pouring Jugs
Decorate your Garage, or use it to accurately measure the fluids your Land Rover needs.

February, 2018

Defender Parts - We Got 'em!

Well, maybe not everything... But, over the past couple of years our Defender Parts Inventory has been growing like Crazy!
Defender 110
Everything from Tune-Up Kits for 200Tdi, 300Tdi and TD5, to brake, fuel, and engine parts, chassis and body parts, and accessories.
Important Small Print: Yes, we will be getting Defender parts loaded up on the web site in the next few months; (clock's ticking Peter). In the meantime, just give us a call or send us a note for your Defender parts needs.
December, 2017

Exmoor Trim Hoops, Hoods, Door Cards, and more!

Exmoor Trim Canvas HoodsDid you know that we carry Exmoor Trim Products? Well, we have for a while now; we're just really bad at getting this information up on the web site for everyone to see.
Canvas Hoods, Canvas Door Cards, Canvas Side Storage, Series Door Trim Kits, SeriesCanvas Door Cards Hardura Felt Floor Trim Kits and Carpet Sets, Series and Defender Floor Mats, Defender LT77 and R380 Acoustic Matting Systems, Soft Top Seat Belt Bars, and more, are in stock.
Acoustic Matting SystemAll items will be made available on the web site soon, (that's what Peter keeps saying), or you can send us a note or give us a call if interested.
May, 2016

Building Reno Updates!

Busy??? Darn right we are!
If we missed your email or phone call, please accept our humblest apologies. Even the fact that our web site updates go un-touched for 6 months, is simply because we are busy with the parts business, and busy carrying out renovations on the old building that we moved into last year. Well, to be honest, no one likes sitting behind the computer doing "web updates"... would you?

Click here for photos and updates!

November, 2015

They're Back!

Aluminum, or (Aluminium depending where you are when reading this), Front Outer Wing panels are back!

ABS plastic panels are perfect for the off-road adventures. They take a beating, don't corrode, and when properly installed, are pretty darn hard to tell from the original aluminum panels. But, that word "original" comes up once and a while, and a lot of us like sticking with the original aluminum panels... and now we can. 330427 

Click here for Originality.

October, 2015

Land Rovers For Sale!

Over the years, we've helped many customers buy their "Next Adventure", and in the process, have helped many sell their pride and joy Land Rover. We thought it might be time to throw some of the available Rovers up on the web site.

Check out the new section Here.

September, 2015

British Car Day 2015

2015 British Car DayThe British Car Day was again a great success! Except for Peter getting lost and not showing up on time. Special thanks to Pierre for letting us show off his 1951 Series 1 80" Land Rover.

And a big thank you goes out to the Toronto Triumph Club; we'll be back next year!

June, 2015

Ottawa Valley Land Rover

Association Birthday Bash!

OLVR Front CoverSo we've been told that we don't get out enough; that we might be a little on the "Anti-Social" side of the crowd; loners even...

Well, after significant coaxing from many customers, two out of three brothers headed out to the OVLR Birthday Bash. And a "bash" it was!

We drove our '74 Series 3, (we call her "Olive"), and Peter's Disco 2 for support and accommodations; more on this story shortly!

January, 2015

Yes We've Moved!

It's Official! We've out-grown our three separate shops for the parts business. Most of the new parts have always been stored at Peter's shop in Cambridge, Ontario, and it's been getting a little crowded lately.  So we bought a big old building in Paris, Ontario and have been busy working on some major renovations.

Click here for photos and updates!

September, 2014

British Car Day 2014

Rainy Start - Sunny Finish!

This year's British Car Day had a pretty rough and wet start, but by 11:00am the sun was out and the line-up of cars proved to be amazing!

Special thanks as always goes out to the Toronto Triumph Club for hosting the largest one day, all British Car event.

September, 2013

And Another British Car Day Success!

An amazing turn-out of Land Rovers and Land Rover enthusiasts made the one-day event another great day to remember. Special thanks goes out to Ian and Dylan from Back Street Heroes, (Rouge Rovers), Clive from Up-Top Tents, and the many customers that brought their toys... or trucks to the show.

Land Rover Alley had the greatest turn-out that we've seen in years. And we can't wait for the next British Car Day. Also many thanks to the Toronto Triumph Club for hosting the largest one day, all British Car event.

September, 2012

British Car Day in Oakville Ontario - Great Success!

Special Thanks to all those that came to visit us on September 16th at the British Car Day show at Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville Ontario.

The turn-out was remarkable and we had a blast meeting everyone.

More Photos here British Car Day Click Here.

August, 2012

Phone Orders and Credit Card payments made easy - yes we are "getting with the times".

Our Web Site is designed to accept payments by Paypal - it's quick, simple and safe.

But, not everything that we have available is listed here on the web site. So for phone orders and in some cases, emailed orders, we have added the convenience of paying by Visa or MasterCard.

For details on Payment Processing Click here.

July, 2012

Dreaming Bikes at the Mid-Ohio

Vintage Motor Cycle Show.

Dave and Rich have this thing for old vintage motor cycles. So, every year we head down to the Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Motorcycle show, races and swap meet.

Peter is the only one that doesn't own any 2-wheeled modes of transportation beyond a 10-speed bike. But, the camping is great!

After a few days of Vintage Motorcycle races and walking for miles through the swap meet, you get to a point where having an old classic bike just to drive around would make sense. Check out the photos here...


January, 2012

Shiny Stainless Steel

Exhaust Systems!

Are you looking for a long-lasting Exhaust solution?

We have complete Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems for Series 1 86"/88", and Series 2a and 3 88" models. Manufactured in the UK by "Double S" these carry a Lifetime Warranty, (with some stipulations), and we supply them complete with the bolts, nuts and gaskets needed to install on your Series Land Rover. 

Click Here for more Details!

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