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New items added weekly! If you don't see it, give us a call!! 519 302 3227. Thanks for your patience as we fill out the site.
New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227

Huckleberry - 1955 Land Rover Series 1 107" Pickup Restomod

You won't see another truck like this. Huckleberry is our current shop project and we love it!  It's a 1955 Series 1 107" pickup that has had a 2.25L 4 cylinder petrol transplant for a more modern driving experience.  


Now, as it's our own project, it often gets put on the backburner while we take care of client projects and the day to day of running the shop.  But, the wait will definitely be worth it! 

As the restoration of this truck began, some hand painted lettering was discovered on the doors of the truck, from the original owners who used the truck for their business.  With so much history and patina, it was decided to leave the body panels in their natural state instead of repainting them.  So patinaed on the outside, fully restored and customized (tastefully) under the hood and on the inside.

New ExMoor premium seats in the cab, along with new custom gauges in the dash, and a Marshall bluetooth speaker with custom body colour mount to provide the soundtrack.   

As Huckleberry comes back together over the next few months, we will be offering it for sale.  Stay tuned!