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New items added weekly! If you don't see it, give us a call!! 519 302 3227. Thanks for your patience as we fill out the site.
New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227

Our Story

   If you are short on time, here's the gist of it.  We do two things here: parts and restorations. We are Canada's premier source for Land Rover parts, period.  So we do that.  And we also restore Land Rovers, whether it be frame swaps, adding overdrives, overhauling brakes, partial or complete mechanical restorations, or full out every single nut, bolt, and panel, kind of dream restorations. And we do that really well too.  So that's the elevator pitch.  That's us in a nutshell.  

   But we enjoy a good story around here.  In fact, we believe that it is the stories we tell, about ourselves, about others, about our fears, our dreams, and our adventures, that give our lives their very meaning.  They take us from simply living day in and day out, to being fully and completely alive.  So if you are like us, and you too enjoy a good story, grab a cup of coffee and read on.

Our Story

     There really is nothing like driving an old Land Rover.  There’s something about the feel of the ride and the sound of the engine.  The rumble, the vibration, the wind (whether the windows are down or not), the analog, tactile feeling of it all.  It is an experience.  It's immersive.  It's mesmerizing.  And it's just fun, a lot of fun.  That was the original attraction to the first couple of 30-40 year old trucks that were bought so many years ago now. 

     And that pure feeling, that draw to an experience - that’s really how this all got started way back when.  And yes, to the question that is asked almost daily, yes, there are actually three brothers: Peter, Richard and David.  Dave was the first to take the plunge, and he pulled Rich and Peter with him.  Slowly at first, and then with increased frequency, the brothers would set off with a truck and trailer in search of old Land Rovers to recover and bring back home. Weekends were spent on wild goose chases, tracking down some Landy that one of the brothers had a lead on, and negotiating a deal to take it home (sometimes in pieces) on the trailer.  And often one lead would spur another, which led to another, and then another.  Many good friends and useful contacts were made along the way.  

    Now most of these Rovers were in need of some attention, and lots of parts.  But where to source them?  At the time there wasn’t a regular, reliable supply of aftermarket Land Rover parts readily available in Canada.  So the three brothers slowly started to bring in their own.  And then they brought over some more, and then some more after that. First in parcels, and then in time on pallets.  In the beginning the parts were for the three brothers themselves, for their own trucks and their own needs.  Then they started helping out their Land Rover friends that they'd made through their journeys.  Then the friends of those friends started reaching out.  Then at some point complete strangers started reaching out and pretty soon this hobby had turned into somewhat of a business. 

     As the volume of parts sales increased, the business demanded more time and more attention and became close to a full time venture.  Around this time, David and Rich took a step back to focus on their own pursuits as Peter forged ahead supplying the Canadian market with what would become in time the largest collection of Land Rover parts available in the country.  Both brothers are back occasionally, lending a hand, joining in on new adventures, and always adding some levity and humour along the way.

     And so here we stand, 3 Brothers Classic Rovers has purchased a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse, staffs an office, the warehouse, and a full restoration shop with licensed mechanics. Not too bad eh?  Some things have changed along the way… like those pallet shipments; the parts come in on containers these days.  But most other things have stayed the same.  A focus and expertise on keeping classic Land Rovers running and on the road.

If you'd like to, head to the blog section to read some older stories and follow along on our socials to see recent projects, news about parts, and anything else we’ve been up to.

From left to right: Dave is the explorer and technical whiz. Rich is the hunter and adventurer.  Peter is the gatherer and researcher.