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New items added weekly! If you don't see it, give us a call!! 519 302 3227. Thanks for your patience as we fill out the site.
New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227

The New Site


Hello and welcome to our new website!  Thanks for checking it out, we've worked hard on this one.  This site has been a very long time in the making and we are very happy to have our clients, old and new, able to finally use it.  Our old site served us well, but was written on old code and as the years passed it became more and more cumbersome to maintain, let alone, improve.

Our old site had somewhere around 400 parts.  So far, our new site as 2500, and we are working feverishly to get up the other 5000 parts as soon as possible.  So if you are here and looking for something you can't find, please email us as we likely have it, it's just not on here yet!


You can use this new site in two ways - you can simply use the search bar at the top to hunt what you are looking for or you can use the drop down menu, select the truck you have, and then select the general area of the part you are in search of (e.g. Defender, Clutch) and from there you can browse our available parts.


On the topic of parts, we mainly carry parts for Series 1, Series 2, 2a, and 3, as well as Defender parts.  We stock some parts for Discovery 1 and 2, and some Range Rover Classic parts, especially if they have any crossover with the Series/Defender trucks.  We could possibly source parts for you for other Land Rovers, but it is not our area of focus at this time.  

New Checkout

When you buy something from the online shop now, you'll notice some differences from the old website.  If you are a brand new client of 3BCR (extra big welcome, and thanks!) and this is the only site you've known, you'll find it very similar to other online purchase processes.  For the long time customers, you now enter your credit card details on the site where payment is processed right then and there.  Our site uses the very highest industry standards for security and privacy with your data. 

Shipping Experience

Another change is the shipping process - at checkout now, shipping is calculated based on your postal code (zip code for our friends to the south) and you are given a variety of options from all the major couriers.  This includes a variety of price points and delivery speeds.  Choose your preferred method and you'll know right then and there how long it'll take to receive your new parts.



If you are still reading, thanks! Enjoy the new site, and if you find any snags or issues, let us know.  We probably already know and are hard at work ironing them out, but maybe not!!