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New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227
October, 2011: A Rustic Rover Resting in the Woods!

October, 2011: A Rustic Rover Resting in the Woods!

    Just before the snow started to fly here in south-western Ontario, Rich and Peter took a drive up to the Goderich area to check out a Series Pick-up that was abandoned in the woods for well over twenty-five years. Our real reason for going there  was to pick-up a trailer that was made from the rear tub of a 109. The owner mentioned that the truck itself was still out in the bush, right where it had been left after the tub and rear-axle were pulled off to make the trailer.

     Well, we just had to go check out how a Rover survives after twenty-five years in the woods. There had been a trail through the bush, but that was 25 years ago. Trees can grow pretty big in the span of 25 years! So roughly 300 yards through brambles and bushes, we came upon the remnants of a Series 2; (when we returned to the shop we checked the VIN number and found that it was a 1959 109 LHD).The photos show what amazing condition it was in. There was a fallen tree over the cab, which left some dents in the top.

     What was really surprising was that all of the windows in the rear cab portion remained in perfect condition. Even the seat box was in very good condition. As with most Adventures, bringing home the trailer was just the beginning. Next spring, we will be returning to the bush to properly save as much as possible of the Rustic Rover... with the owners consent of course!

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