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New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227

Teddy - 1967 Series 2a 109 NADA SW

Teddy. Is. Sold!

Teddy or "Ragged Edge", whatever you want to call it, is a 1967 Series 2a, NADA 5 door Station Wagon, with its original 6 cylinder petrol engine. For those unfamiliar, NADA is an acronym for North American Dollar Area (i.e. vehicles produced specifically for the North American market). 

This vehicle matches the year and specs of the truck that was used by John Farrar, captain of the Edgartown Fire Rescue, to pull Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile from Poucha Pond in the Chappaquiddick incident.   

As such, this truck was repainted to match the fire truck, and was used in the filming of the movie "Chappaquiddick".  Sadly, after a thorough viewing of the film, we can confirm that all the truck's scenes were left on the cutting room floor.  

A scene (that was ultimately cut from the movie) of our truck standing in for the original Land Rover that pulled Ted Kennedy's vehicle from the water.

We are asking $16,000 CAD for our truck as-is.  We would love to restore this truck for you; full restoration in shop would be around $100,000 CAD.