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New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227

AVM Free Wheeling Manual Hubs 10-Spline Series

Original price $368.88 - Original price $368.88
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$368.88 - $368.88
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AVM Free Wheeling Manual Locking Hubs 10-Spline

For Series 1 through 3, to 1980 with 10-Spline Hubs.

They're Back Baby! Easy to install, even easier to lock and un-lock the Front Hubs. With the Front Hubs disengaged, (un-locked, set to 2WD), there is less wear and tear, less arm-strong steering, and less noise from the front drivetrain. When you need 4 wheel drive, just turn the center dial on the hubs to point at 4WD, and shift the transfer case into 4WD Low or High.

Perfect Replacement for broken or worn Fairey, Warn, or Selectro manual locking hubs... just to name a few. Although, we still like the originals too!"