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New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227

Camshaft Bearing Rear 4Cyl Ser/Def/D1/RRC 1958-98 3-Req'd

SKU EP-90519055
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Camshaft Bearing Rear 4 Cylinder Engines, 1958-98, OEM.<.p>

For 2.0L Diesel, 2.25L Gas or Diesel, 2.5NA, 2.5TD, 200Tdi and 300Tdi.

Un-Split Ring Style Bearings. These will need to be Reamed for a Precise Fit.

Typically 3 Required. For the Front Bearing, see EP-ETC8442.

For a Set of Split-Type Bearings, see EP-90519054/5.