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New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227

Copp-Nick Pipe Clutch Master to Hose at Slave S2&2a LHD 1/4"

SKU CC-569705CN
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Copper Nickel Pipe, Clutch Master Cylinder to Flex Hose, LHD 1958-71 1/4" Copper-Nickel Pipe, (will not rust), with Brass Fittings for use on; Used on some Series 2 and 2a 88" up to April 1967. Used on all 88/109" April 1967 to 1971. 1/4" Pipe with Brass 7/16" Male UNF to Clutch Master Cylinder and Brass 7/16" Female UNF to Clutch Flex Hose. Note: You must have the original 7/16" Banjo Connector on the Slave and the Adapter, (139082 below), on the Clutch Master Cylinder. Flex Hose to be used is 219824 (below) 7/16" Brake Hose, (aka: 552057).