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New items added weekly! Don't see it? 519 302 3227

Premium Swivel Hub Oil Seal Rebuilder's Kit

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Premium Swivel Hub Oil Seal Rebuilder's Kit,

Fits Series 1 86/88, 107/109 1954-1975,

Series 2 88/109 1958-1960,

Series 2a 88/109 1961-1971.

Series 3 88/109 1971-1984. (Not for 109 1 Ton).

Includes: The Axle-Set of Swivel Hub Oil Seals and Oil Seal Retainers, All the Correct Bolts and Washers for mounting the Oil Seal Retainer to the Swivel Hub , The Lock-Stop Set Bolt and Nut. The Gaskets for the Swivel Hub to Axle and the Stub Axle, Two Sachets, (not bottles as shown), of Swivel Grease. Swivel Hub Lock-Stop Plates, All the Correct Bolts and Nuts for fastening the Swivel Ball Flange to the Axle. All the Correct Bolts, Nuts and Locker Plates for fastening the Stub Axle to the Swivel Hub,